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Rocky View residents concerned about aggregate extraction

Monday, Oct. 18th

If you care about County gravel policy
- you need to vote!
And you need to choose carefully!

Click here to see our advertisement outlining your candidate choices 
If you'd like information on issues in the election,
check out Rocky View Forward's coverage here.


Gravel is most important in the new Divisions 3 & 4.

Here's our assessment of your choices in these divisions.  The choices are clear in both divisions.

Division 3 (includes gravel pits on south side of Hwy 567)

- Crystal Kissel, the incumbent, has a proven track record supporting residents and the environment on gravel issues

- Jolene Airth did not speak against the gravel pit that now threatens Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.  Her family sold land to the operating gravel pit on Hwy 567 and she and her family own over 1,200 acres in the immediate area.

Division 4 (includes Lehigh Hanson's Scott property)

- Samanntha Wright, one of the incumbents, has a proven track record supporting residents and the environment on gravel issues.  Had been an active member of Gravel Watch before her election in 2017.

- Dan Henn, the other incumbent, also has a proven track record but not one that is favourable - voted in favour of the Summit pit, to remove all gravel-specific requirements in the Municipal Development Plan, and to kill the Aggregate Resource Plan

- Roc Spence, despite living in Bearspaw for 30 years, does not appear to have participated in any gravel applications in the area, including any of the three Lehigh Hanson Scott pit applications


A volunteer group of residents concerned about the impact of gravel development on the health, safety and quality of life in Rocky View

Rocky View Gravel Watch informs residents about County gravel policy and about applications for gravel operations in the County.  We work to share objective information to help residents make educated decisions and voice their concerns.


Get in touch with Rocky View Gravel Watch to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.


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